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SubliTwill Flex


SubliTwill is a polyester media that can be imaged using sublimation transfer paper.  To image, heat press your sublimation transfer onto the SubliTwill media or direct print onto media and cut using a cutter.  Once imaged and cut, you can weed the unwanted material and apply it to the garment using a heat press.  SubliTwill is extremely durable, producing super vibrant images.

  • Suitable for use with sublimation
  • Sublimate on to film and heat transfer on to fabric
  • Withstands commercial wash standards at 195F with minimal fading
  • Specially designed transfer film for creation of commercial grade printing and cutting

Size:  8.5" x 11"
Sold in packs of 50

Available in the following Warehouses:
Vancouver BC

Price per pack

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Obtaining SubliTwill Profile Instructions
1.    Go to the Virtuoso Print Manager system tray menu - select Options - Edition - Activate New Edition
2.    Enter your activation code: Joto
3.    You can toggle back to the standard Sawgrass edition: from the system tray menu - select Options - Editions - Sawgrass

(Step 1: Sublimation)
Printing Inks    Sublimation Inks
Image    Mirror
Time:    40-50 sec.
Temperature:    375F (190C)
Pressure:    Medium
Suggested Blade:    N/A
Suggested Force:    N/A
Peel:    Hot
Wash Temp.:    N/A

(Step 2:  Heat Press Application)
Printing Inks:    N/A
Image:   Right Reading
Time:   15 sec.
Temperature:    330F (155-165C)
Pressure:    Medium
Suggested Blade:    45 degree
Suggested Force:    210g
Peel:    Warm
Wash Temp.:   Up to 195F (90C)