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Shot Glass with Gold Rim

Shot glasses are great collectible items or for celebration of a wedding, promotion or just a fun night out. Often grabbed as souvenirs from scenic areas, the possibilities to sublimate them are as extensive as your imagination.

Requires a shrink film/sleeve- 3.15" x 3.55" (P-SUB-SF-8090) and a mug oven.

Style: Shot Glass with Gold Rim
Also Available Frosted

Size: 1.5oz ,3oz

Sold in Boxes of 12

Ships from Vancouver,BC warehouse

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360F (180C)
10 minutes

Convection Oven Instructions

Press Temperature: 360F | Press Time: 10 minutes

  1. Print your design on a sublimation paper and cut/trim around the design. Don’t forget to mirror.
  2. Place the imaged paper on top of the shot glass, securing it with heat resistant tape
  3. Place Joto’s 3.15" x 3.55" shrink wrap (P-SUB-SF-8090) over the shot glass and trim it if needed
  4. Use heat gun to tighten Joto’s shrink film
  5. Set the oven temperature at 360F for 10 minutes
  6. Place shot glass in over and wait
  7. Carefully remove the shot glass from the oven
  8. Remove the shrink wrap film and transfer paper from shot glass
  9. Let shot glass cool down

 Testing might require depending on your equipment.