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Paropy CL TrimFree Dark


New and Improved!  Better Wash, Brighter Images!

Paropy CL TrimFree Dark is for color laser printers using white toner.  This two-step self weeding transfer paper is developed to eliminate the need for trimming the image prior to pressing. Ideal for full color graphics and logos.  This innovative laser dark paper has excellent opacity and does not require a cutter.  The paper will release only areas where there is toner eliminating the additional step of having to put the paper through a cutter to cut the image out. 

  • Self cutting paper reduces production time by eliminating the need to cut and weed the paper as well as to tack the paper before applying
  • Print full color images, graphics, photographs, etc
  • High opacity allowing for excellent image reproduction onto black or dark colored fabrics
  • Can be used as proofs for screenprinting jobs
  • Works only with laser printer with white toner

Available Sizes: Letter (8.5x11), Tabloid (11x17)

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Vancouver BC, Mississauga ON

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Packaging:  50 sheets per pack

Paper Sizes:  8.5" x 11" Lettersize, 11" x 17" Tabloid Size

A/B Sheet Temperature
A/B Sheet Time
60 seconds
A/B Peel
Warm (0-5 secs)
Shirt Transfer Temp
Shirt Transfer Time
30 seconds
Shirt Transfer Peel
30 seconds


Printing Your Image onto the A Sheet
Step 1: Using your software (eg. Photoshop, Illustrator) create the white toner mask (refer to page 40-41 of OKI 711 user manual)
Step 2: Load A sheet into Printer. Printable side is the matte side
Step 3: Set Print mode to “Films”. To do this, go into your printer driver setting and set the media type to “Labels 2”.
Step 4: Feed A sheet into the bypass tray of your color laser printer so that the Matte side is face up
Step 5: Print image mirrored (The print driver has mirror image option checked by default)

B Sheet Transfer
Step 6: For consistent temperature, do not use teflon cover on lower platen.
Step 7: Place imaged A sheet face up on heat press
Step 8: Place B sheet on top with coating face down (backmark faceup).
Step 9: Press at 300F (150C) for 60 seconds using light to medium pressure
Step 10: Wait 0-5 seconds, peel A and B sheet apart.
Note Coating from B sheet will stick to areas with toner on A sheet.
If toner from A sheet sticks to B sheet, try to peel faster without any wait
time or use more pressure.

T-shirt Transfer
Step 11: Place shirt on heat press and prepress for 5-10 seconds to remove moisture
Step 12: Place imaged A sheet on top of shirt with image face down.  (glossy side face up) Press the shirt at 300F (150C) for 30 seconds
Step 13: Peel the A sheet off shirt cold. Repress shirt with silicon sheet for
another 30 seconds for increased wash resistance


Recommended Fabrics
White, Black, or Colored:
100% cotton
100% polyester
Poly/cotton blends

Accessories Required
Computer, OKI Color Laser Printer with white toner,
Professional Heat Press. Teflon Pillow. Paropy CL TrimFree
Dark (A and B sheet)

Printable side
The printable side of the transparent A sheet is the matte side

Pressure Settings
To ensure that the coating has properly fused with the
fabric, we recommend to use Light to Medium pressure.

Separating A-B Sheet
When separting A-B sheet (step 10), peel immediately. No
toner should stick on B sheet. If toner sticks onto B sheet,
try different peel times. Nomally faster peel time or more
pressure will fi x the problem. Recommended to use a silicon
pillow for even pressure.

Care Instructions
Wait 24 hours before washing. Machine wash using mild
detergent. Do not use bleach or other aggressive cleaning
agents. Cannot be dry cleaned. Wash Temperature cannot
exceed 105F.  Cannot go into a machine dryer.  Hang dry recommended

CL TrimFree Dark has an indefinite shelf life when stored
at room temperature. Keep away from direct heat, sunlight
and humidity.