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Adjustable Dog Collar


Durable pet collar, perfectly sized and easily adjustable. Has one side black and a white imprintable side.  Made of Polyester with plastic buckle.

Size: 1" x 22" (2.5 x 56cm)

Sold in Packs of 10

Ships from Vancouver, BC warehouse

Price per pack

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360F (180C)
120 seconds

Temperature: 360F | Time: 120s

  1. Print your design and make sure it mirrored.
  2. Place two pieces of plain paper on top of the heat press
  3. Tape the dog collar to the  two pieces of plain paper using a heat resistant tape in order to secure it. Make sure that the plastic edges of the collar are not on the platen
  4. Place another two pieces of plain paper and pre-press the dog collar for a 4-5 seconds before placing the transfer paper
  5. Remove plain paper, place transfer paper and align it with the collar. Secure it using a heat resistant tape
  6. Place two pieces of plain paper again and press it for 120s at 360F
  7. Remove blank sheet and transfer paper immediately and carefully as it may be hot
  8. Remove the securing heat resistant tape and let the collar to cool down

Testing might require depending on your equipment.