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Desktop Sublimation Papers

Our one sided sublimation paper can be used for any type of sublimation regardless of the surface as long as it is white and coated with a polyester coating or the material is made of 100% polyester.  The printable side is the brighter white side.

Joto offers cost effective, high quality sublimation papers for all your sublimation needs.  We offer a wide selection of different paper sizes to suit your sublimation printer.  Size options can be selected once your are on the product page.

Sold in pack of 100 or in rolls

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Sublimation Paper

Paper for use with Sublimation

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SubliFlock is a polyester flock media that can be imaged using sublimation transfer paper, or direct print onto media using sublimation printer.

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SubliTwill Flex

SubliTwill is a polyester media that can be imaged using sublimation ink.

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