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Inkjet Transfer Papers

Desktop Inkjet Printers have low initial cost and produce vibrant and accurate color.  Also you can choose desktop models that use 4, 6, or 8 colors for increased color gamut!

Paropy Inkjet Transfer Papers have been developed as a commercial grade transfer paper to offer superior imaging in virtually all desktop inkjet printers.

For imaging white or light colored fabrics use Paropy InkJet Light transfer paper.  For black or dark colored fabrics use Paropy Inkjet Dark or Inkjet Dark Premium transfer paper.

The full line of Paropy inkjet transfer papers offers excellent vibrancy, soft hand with very minimal fading after repeated washing.

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3 products found for Inkjet Transfer Papers

Paropy Inkjet Light

High Quality Inkjet Transfer Paper for Lights

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Paropy Inkjet Dark Premium

High Quality Inkjet Transfer Paper for Darks

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Paropy Inkjet Dark

Economical inkjet transfer paper for darks

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