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Mug Oven

Increase the range of sublimation items you can sublimate with mug ovens.  With a mug oven, you can sublimate to a large variety of items than ever before.  Sublimate to shot glass, oversized mug, and many more.  Simply find the right mug wrap and your item and cook in the oven!

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3 products found for Mug Oven

HIX SubliPro CT

Convection Oven for dye sublimation printing onto drinkware using mug wraps

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Mug Wrap for 11oz/15oz mugs

Mug wrap for use with a convection oven for dye sublimation printing. Suitable for 11oz or 15oz ceramic sublimation mugs

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Shrink Film/Sleeve

Shrink films to cover irregular shaped items to be sublimated using a tunnel oven.

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